Online tutoring and mentoring for high school students

Introducing: Ginger Cat Counselling

Dealing with some challenges in life? Ginger Cat Counselling offers affordable and convenient online counselling for adults and teenagers.

I don’t usually promote other businesses, but there are a few good reasons for letting you know about this one:

Firstly, counselling support can really complement tutoring.  Whatever a student is dealing with mentally, emotionally, and in their life will impact their ability to learn.

Secondly, it isn’t just students that can benefit from mental health support – especially after the couple of years we’ve had.  This may be helpful for other people in your family or community.

Thirdly, I’ve heard from many of my students and their families that it can be difficult to find the mental health support they need at the moment.

Lastly, Ginger Cat Counselling is run by my partner, Anine Cummins (they/them), who in my (obviously totally unbiased opinion) is an exceptional counsellor. 


They have a particular focus on burnout, pandemic anxiety, climate grief, gender and sexuality, and trauma.  They love working with teenagers, and helping people overcome whatever is holding them back in life.  If you’d like to know more, head on over to their website!